Fillo & Soupbox
Gentle Notes
Black Edition

  • limited edition of 150 black vinyl (180g)
  • handnumbered OBI strip for all copies
  • plastic lining innersleeve
  • factory sealed
  • POSTPARTUM. stickers

PPT-LP-24 - Limited LP (Black Vinyl)
released August 4, 2019

Gentle Notes was, is and will always remain a matter of the heart. Therefore we would like to thank our families, friends and followers for the great support and open ears (not only in the musical sense). Thank you for believing in us and Gentle Notes. This album wouldn't exist without you.

One love: Dana & Norbert, Tine & Thomas, our grandparents & families, Pfau, Fabian, Valle, Michel, Chrille, Dirk, Dened, Tino, Ville, Rudi, Hendrik, Zechi, Frida, Hasko, Steffen, Linde, Kev, Lütti, Kristina, Lena, Mario, Stach, Ott, Björn, Kat, Fafa, Basti, Max, Kasi, Parry, Sebastian, Flo, Joel, Steril One, Hydrogenii, It's All Good, Jahnstraße & POSTPARTUM.

produced & mixed by Fillo & Soupbox
mastered by Steril One (Staub Audio Engineering)
photos by Felix Zechner
layout & artwork by Hydrogenii