Next Heap Of Sequences

  • limited edition of 100 cassettes
  • white C52 normal bias cassette
  • dubbed in realtime on a REVOX B215 tapedeck
  • handnumbered
  • incl. POSTPARTUM. sticker
  • incl. 4 "tape only" bonus beats

PPT-LP-03 - Limited LP (180g)
released October 7, 2017

All Tracks Produced & Mixed by Hydrogenii 
Mastered by GABSTon International 
Artwork by Bannsen 
Photos by Hydrogenii (Front & Labelsticker), Bannsen (Back) 
Layout by Felix Plien & Bannsen 
Album Arrangement by Firat & Hydrogenii 
Hydrogenii wanna says thanks to ...
My beloved family - especially my mother, Hanna, Potensia, Moritz Manuel, Kimo, Firat, Burak, Bannsen, Dowakee, Esi D, Wilczynski, E1K, POSTPARTUM., Made WiT Luv, Roman, Mario & Satu, Vega Musikwerkstatt, GABSTon International, Lorenz (Dr. Funk), Niges, Jan-David, Moritz Burger, Wohawi Lech, Dj Funkwyld, Groove Yard Tapes, Loop Skywalker, Niller Records, Papier & Bleistift, DynamiK, MC Gyver, Mark Farina, Perplex, Satori, Fabian K, Döser One.