Wayz Of Da Underground
Marble Edition

  • limited edition of 250 gold/purple marble vinyl (180g)
  • handnumbered OBI strip for all copies
  • plastic lining innersleeve
  • factory sealed
  • POSTPARTUM. stickers

PPT-LP-21 - Limited LP (Marble Vinyl)
released May 5, 2019

Shoutouts from Jazzquarterz:
Shout outs to all the people who helped me bringing this project into life: Mario & Satu (POSTPARTUM.), Hydrogenii, Khaderbai, Zaid, Mytreya & Hip Hop Zoo, Chief Rugged, AK420, El Chavo, Damu the Fudgemunk & Redefinition records, Devaloop, Bubblewild, Merlin Alexander, Figub Brazlevic, Klaus Layer, Tru Comers & La Base, Ra Pius, 2ndDream, Chang Kee Jazz & Zako, F.F.B. & the Mob Of Drummers crew, Dj Nail from 6pack records

Produced & Mixed by Jazzquarterz
Photography by Denys Sterlihov
Artwork & Layout by Hydrogenii
Mastered by SterilOne (Staub Audio Engineering)