Mr. Käfer
Travelin (Reissue)

  • limited edition of 50 cassettes
  • orange clear C50 normal bias cassette
  • dubbed in realtime on a REVOX B215 tapedeck
  • handnumbered
  • incl. POSTPARTUM. sticker
  • incl. "tape only" bonus beats

PPT-CC-08-RP1 - Limited Edition Cassette
released October 25, 2017

Production & Mix by Mr. Käfer 
Master by Philanthrope
Artwork by Angelo Akinola 
Layout by Manuel Tozzi & Satu "Baboness" Nerbel
Shoutouts by Mr. Käfer:
Big Thanx to my family, Devaloop, POSTPARTUM. Philanthrope, Spaze Windu, AK420, Made Wit Luv, YSR Collective, Valentin Huml, Manuel Tozzi, Angelo Akinola, Momo Safi, Windshadow, Raptoar, Gladys, Gavin Lord, Mono:Massive, Cuturix, Samura.Loré, Radio Juicy, Hip Hip Repair, and all the others that support my stuff! Much Love!