Raw Mentalitee
Tha Soul Snatcha

  • limited edition of 55 cassettes
  • red/black C-54 normal bias cassette
  • 4 tape exclusive bonus tracks
  • dubbed in realtime
  • hq-printed j-card with flap
  • handnumbered
  • incl. POSTPARTUM. sticker

PPT-CC-22 - Limited Cassette
released December 7, 2018

Produced by RAW Mentalitee
Mix & Mastering by SterilOne
Artwork by Medcrophone
Layout by Hydrogenii

Shoutouts by RAW MENTALITEE:
Mad props to POSTPARTUM. Records to let this shit happen. Peace and respect to all elements of hip hop culture that do this shit for real. One love for you, for supporting me in this debut and at the end, two fat middle fingaz for each of you motherfuckers that didn’t believe in me all this time!
Bring it on!