Spaze Windu

  • limited edition of 100 cassettes
  • orange C-38 normal bias cassette
  • dubbed in realtime
  • hq-printed j-card with flap
  • handnumbered
  • incl. POSTPARTUM. sticker

PPT-CC-18 - Limited Cassette
released September 22, 2018


Produced by Spaze Windu
Mastered by Scarf Face
Artwork by Luise Fuhrmann
Layout by Hydrogenii

Additional Musicians:
Repete23 - Cuts on 'Intro'
Ruven Weithöner - Trumpet on 'Reality' & 'Onanon'
Marco Zügner - Saxophone on 'Green Planet'
Luk The Dude - Cuts on '90 Degrees'