Only two things in this world are certain to us: death and the tax.

Our webshop is finally back online again. So that no one – when looking at the price – thinks that we have now become completely megalomaniac: As of January 1st, 2018, we are obliged to pay 19 % VAT to the tax office. Until now, we have been able to operate our label as a “small business” without VAT. In order to be able to maintain the previous price, we would have to avoid some costs for the production of the releases – but this would also mean an enormous loss of quality. We don’t want that! Unfortunately, we have no choice but to raise prices. We want you to know that this hurts us as much as it hurts you. This is because the change entails numerous additional costs for us. In order to spare your wallet a little bit, we decided not to add the 19% VAT to the previous prices. We bear part of the value added tax ourselves. We hope you understand this step and keep supporting us!

PS: As a small positive message for all Germans: As more and more people have been complaining about Hermes, we are now trying to negotiate a deal with DHL. We’re hoping something reasonable will come out of this.

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